so these are 2 different essay topics

topic 1- What interventions might you use to tackle panic disorder, and how and why would these interventions work?

topic 2-Elena has a fear of dogs after being attacked by one as a child. Recently she has started to struggle going out on her own due to this fear, as she believes she is only safe if other people are with her. Outline the therapeutic approach you would offer for Elena and critically evaluate the techniques or strategies that you select.

topics 1 should be under 1000 words

topic 2 should be under 1000 words too

please do not exceed 1000 words per topic

you do not need to put referencing after done you’re but please make sure you you reference in text. please make sure to ask for anything you need i attached lecture slides and guidelines for better understanding. thank you

— Don’t just describe things

— Add argument – which is evidence based

— Make sure that your argument builds up logically.

— Good academic arguments are coherent and form a ‘story’ that logically flows towards a consistent conclusion.

— take a position and argue your case as well as you can.

— Have a proper introduction and conclusion

— Make sure that you have plenty of quotes with sources to use

— define key terms in the introduction.

— Answer the question in each and every paragraph directly linking the information back to the question

— Reach a conclusion which directly answers the question and summarises the key points made in the essay.

— Add research which was not present in the lecture.

— Make sure that all arguments made are backed up with research.

— Don’t cite websites – use up to date research journals

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