APA Format

Relations between the police and the media have the tendency to be contentious during a major critical incident. Law enforcement personnel scramble to deal with protecting evidence, aiding victims, and interviewing witnesses while on scene reporters and camera crews demand information in order to get the story out to the public. Section 1 of your Dealing with Critical Incidents textbook details many of these stresses and best practices on how to deal with them.

In this assignment, you are to look at a past critical incident that happened in the United States, briefly explain what happened, and evaluate how well law enforcement dealt with the media. If law enforcement could have done a better job with the media, evaluate what steps should have been taken. Base your evaluation on the lessons learned from your Dealing with Critical Incidents textbook.

This evaluation should be no less than 1800 words. The paper is to be in APA format.

Include Title page, abstract, and reference page.

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