Buerger’s Disease

The assignment should include relevant references to support arguments and claims. You should use at least 15 references with 5 out of 15 must be current.
Written assignments are to comply with the Nanyang Polytechnic School of Health & Social Sciences (SHSS) Guide to Presentation of Assignments. You can find this guide in the 101 Student Resources via Blackboard or via the following link

Based on the case study video, you will discuss the following:

· Introduce the case briefly.

· Identify one (1) problem (either actual or potential) that was discussed at the ICA group presentation. Provide evidences to explain and rationalise the problem identified.

o There are six (6) problems presented in the ICA presentation, hence, each member will write on a separate problem in their written assignment.

o NO member in the subgroup should write on the same problem.

o Provide relevant and clear explanation on the problem and its management care plan. The management plan also should reflect your ability to critically analyse the problems and develop relevant and focused interventions. Discuss and incorporate one of the concepts related to the case study in the management plan.

o You should also show evidence of in-depth knowledge and research utilisation to support the management plans.

o Please refer to your marking rubric as your guide when writing the assignment.

My one problem identified is Infection
Talk about patient and caregiver education on wound care and how to prevent infection
talk about nutrition too that promotes wound healing
what community resource help her situation relevant problems.

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