Assignment Task Part B: Academic Essay (1500 words)     Making and implementing business strategies within organisations has always been a challenging task. This is because there are so many factors which affect how we go about conducting strategy projects. Some factors are common to all businesses and have been around for many hundreds of years. For example, competition between firms, the health of the national and local economy, styles of management and the culture within the business and society. Some factors are more contemporary and are emerging, like the growth of the internet, pandemics, the growing power of social media, the impact of technology.   Look through the content of the module and the core textbook and choose a factor which you find interesting. You might be interested in environmental factors or internal factors. You might be interested in the financial side of businesses or the people side of businesses. You might be interested in the creative side of strategy making or the analytical nature of business modelling. You might be interested in social media or what makes a good business strategy. The choice is yours.   Your Task: Once you have chosen your factor, discuss how the factor impacts upon the practice of making or implementing strategy. Remember, the purpose of this module is to develop your knowledge and capability in the practice of making and implementing business strategies. This essay gives you the opportunity to reflect upon and critically review how the factor affects this practice.   When thinking about the practice of making strategy, you might want to consider one or more of the following aspects: •        How to conduct strategy projects: for example, the 6 step Business Strategy Method. •        The implementation of strategy: for example, making action plans and managing change within the firm. •        Business strategies: the actual strategy a business chooses to enact. For example, to pursue cost leadership, to sell online to end customers, to export products.   Part B of the assignment is an Academic Essay. An academic essay is a specific type of document. An essay is an argument, which is supported by relevant scientific evidence from the literature. More support on writing essays will be provided in the lectures.   Marking Criteria for Part B: Criterion (weighting %) 80+ 70-79 60-69 50-59 40-49 <40 Critical Sophisticated Clear and Effective Useful Limited Very limited discussion of discussion. effective discussion. discussion. discussion. discussion. You the affect of the You present discussion. You present You present You present present unclear factor on the very clear and You present effective and useful limited arguments and practice of compelling clear and reasonably arguments arguments your narrative making strategy arguments compelling compelling with a with needs much more (50%) with an arguments arguments reasonable narratives clarity. Your thesis   excellent with a good with a useful narrative. which need to statements need   narrative. narrative. narrative. Your thesis be clearer. developing and   Your thesis Your thesis Your thesis statements Your thesis the discussion   statements statements statements are statements shows very limited   are clear and are clear and are reasonably need more insight into the   the discussion the discussion reasonably clear and the clarity and the way your factor   shows shows insight clear and the discussion discussion affect the practice   genuine into the way discussion shows some shows limited of strategy.   insight into your factor shows useful insight into insight into     the way your affect the insight into the way your the way your     factor affect practice of the way your factor affect factor affect     the practice strategy. factor affect the practice the practice     of strategy.   the practice of strategy. of strategy.         of strategy.       Use of evidence Excellent use Very good use Good use of a Reasonable Limited use of Poor use of a from the of a very wide of a wide range of use of a range a range of range of relevant literature to range of range of relevant of relevant relevant evidence. The support your relevant relevant evidence. The evidence. The evidence. The evidence is of low argument evidence. The evidence. The evidence is of evidence is of evidence is of quality. There are (30%) evidence is of evidence is of good quality reasonable mixed quality not sufficient   high quality high quality including quality including journal articles   including including journal including journal and relevant   journal journal articles and journal articles and books. The   articles and articles and relevant articles and relevant evidence is not   relevant relevant books. The relevant books. Some always up to date   books. The books. The evidence is up books. The of the and doesn’t   evidence is up evidence is up to date and evidence is evidence is effectively support   to date and to date and clearly mostly up to not up to date your arguments.   clearly clearly presented to date and and does not The evidence is   presented to presented to support your clearly clearly not persuasive in   support your support your arguments. presented to support your supporting your   arguments. arguments. The evidence support your arguments. views.   The evidence The evidence is persuasive arguments. The evidence     is very is persuasive in supporting The evidence is fairly     persuasive in in supporting your views. is reasonably persuasive in     supporting your views.   persuasive in supporting     your views.     supporting your views.           your views.     Presentation, Work is Work is very Work is Work is Work is not Work is poorly essay structure presented well clearly presented always presented, with and clarity of excellently, presented, presented, adequately, presented unclear structure argument with very with clear with clear with useful well, with and confusing (20%) clear structure and structure and structure and unclear narrative. Unclear   structure and narrative. mostly clear narrative. structure and introduction and   narrative. Clear narrative. Reasonable narrative. the essay is hard   Very clear introduction Clear introduction Useful to follow and not   introduction and the essay introduction and the essay introduction a pleasure to read.   and the essay is easy to and the essay is mostly good and the essay     is very easy to follow and a is easy to to follow and is not easy to     follow and a pleasure to follow and mostly a follow and     real pleasure read. mostly a pleasure to not always a     to read.   pleasure to read. pleasure to         read.   read.

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