Rewrite the paper below using the Journal format attached:

Include 3 references to support the paper.

Journal Assignment 1

Topic: Creating an orientation book that outlines the needed tools and competencies to work on the Women’s Health Department.


The main objective is to ensure that the health professionals clearly understood and implemented core tools and competencies such as promoting patient wellbeing, aligning health performance for success and making healthcare operations effective in order to work on the Women Health Department within the next six months.


During my practicum experience, one main issue I observed is the poor communication between patients and the health care professionals such as nurses. Based on my observation, poor communication led to long wait times for patients. One of the major complaints from patients was the long time they had to wait in order to get the required services within a given time. This was mainly as a result of poor scheduling among medical staffs since there was no smooth flow of information in regards to patients.

Analyzing the Observed Issue

Based on my observation, poor communication issues have a major effect on the ability of a healthcare or hospital to provide high standard of treatment to the patients. Notably, much more than an annoyance, poor communication is said to led to issues in treatment coordination as well as the creation of morale amongst workers. In the worst-case scenarios, poor communication can lead to mistakes in treatment as well as possible cases of a wrongful death.

Degree to which the issue with poor communication was addressed

The degree to which the healthcare facility addressed the issue of poor communication was addressed is high because the facility staffs realized that poor communication was an issue that needed to be discussed in an effective way. It is important to indicate that effective communication plays a significant role in ensuring that there is smooth flow of healthcare services and operations.


Based on various evidence approaches, there are various ways that can be used in order to address the issue. The following is one of the effective plans;

1. Creating a dedicated patient channel that will include any method of patient arrival, health entity and patient’s health condition.
2. Building a team to access the channel which includes adding emergency medical service providers, hospitals, transfer centers among others.
3. Communicating effective with the team through various challenges such as lab results, audio clips, video and phone calls, text messaging among others.

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