Understanding developmental milestones is vitally important to understanding infant and toddler development. Only with a thorough understanding of development can a caregiver adequately care for and plan for a young child. Review the case study and answer the 3 questions posed. Remember to support your writing with research and examples.

Case Study – Hannah

Hannah is 12 month old who is relatively new to your child care center. She has been at the center for 2 weeks. When Hannah and her mother arrive at the center, Hannah is smiling and relaxed. Once she realizes that her mother will not be staying with her, she becomes inconsolable and clingy. This is both stressful to Hannah and her mother who is almost certain to be late for work. It takes an hour or more for Hannah to calm down and begin engaging with the other children. As Hannah’s caregiver, please answer the following questions:

What is occurring in Hannah’s social and emotional development that is contributing to this reaction?
What are some steps that you would take to reduce Hannah’s distress?
What is a specific goal that you would set for Hannah in terms of promoting social and emotional development during the coming month? Tell why you chose the goal as well as how you would achieve the goal.

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