You are required to undertake a research assignment reviewing the following concepts: Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Governance, Security and Quality, in order to understand roles/relationship to the process of information management. This will form your theoretical perspective/literature review illustrating the role of information management within the context of organisations.
Having chosen from this literature, apply any three of the above-mentioned information management concepts to analyse the process of information management in a digital service or organisation.
Discuss from three perspectives (i.e. the perspectives of your three chosen concepts) how the role of information management supports and builds competitive advantages into your selected digital service or organisation.
The theoretical perspective should be used to critically analyse the strategies developed by one organisation (individual analysis); Google search engine, Google cloud services, Google plus, Amazon e-business platform, Amazon cloud services, eBay e-business platform, Microsoft 365 cloud computing, Apple iPhone, Apple Store application platform, Android platform, Android applications, Facebook social network and applications, SharePoint , Wikipedia, Huffington Post content platform, Netflix, Zynga game applications, Apache open source software platform, LinkedIn free and premium services, PayPal payment system, Square payment system, Twitter, etc.

Write an individual essay on the role of information management within a digital service organisation. (Word Count: 2000)

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