Employers are facing the challenge of how to effectively deal with employment issues pertaining to the virus, and the pandemic while being mindful of the various employment laws.

I want to share with you some recent developments on managing workplace concerns about the Coronavirus.

Attached is a Q&A from Fox Rothschild law firm
. They specialize in employment law.

Also provided is a link to The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Links to an external site.) On the front page of the website is information regarding the ADA, The Rehabilitation Act, and Covid-19. The Commission has had a plan of action for Pandemic Preparedness in place since 2009. This was recently updated on March 21, 2020. Just be very clear, Coronavirus is included under ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Protection. (Links to an external site.)
Harassment of individuals (employees) could be a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This law protects everyone from national origin discrimination in all aspects of employment. This protection includes and prohibits national origin harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Those who choose to play the “blame game” in the workplace for COVID-19 based on nationality beware!

Those who have an interest in working in HRM should take serious note. It’s an example of how human resource professionals must always remain knowledgeable of both federal and state laws and be prepared to step up and take control. We have a responsibility to protect and preserve the rights of all of our workers.

We are in uncharted waters as things affecting our personal and work life are changing very quickly almost daily.

Discussion on your thoughts, opinions, and concerns, as to how these laws and guidelines will impact the workplace, AND IN PARTICULAR SMALL BUSINESSES. Also, please provide your answer to the following 2 questions in 3 short paragraphs. Using the above links.
1. What has been COVID-19’s impact on small businesses?
2. How are small businesses coping with COVID-19 pandemic?

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