Energy and Momentum in Real-World Applications

In this task, you will analyze a technology or procedure that interests you and that applies the principles of energy and momentum. You are to propose practical ways to improve the technology or procedure (or ways in which it has been improved), and assess its impact on society and the environment. You may present your ideas in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or an essay that includes pictures and /or diagrams (word limit of between 600 to 750 words). (30 MARKS)

Remember that pictures (and diagrams!) are worth a thousand words. Be sure to reference all information sources and pictures.

Here are some possible topics to get you thinking.

rocket propulsion
protective equipment (e.g., helmets)
forensic analysis of vehicle crashes
demolition of buildings
amusement park ride
use of crash test dummies
seat belts and air bags
bow and arrows

I wasn’t given a page length, I would assume just standard settings. The word count is 600-750 words

I can provide the rubric but other than that, that’s all the information I’m given

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