Internet and Information Security Management (Term Paper)

1. Design and implement secure private networks over the public Internet

2. Demonstrate a sound understanding of a wide range of current research and technological advances in network security.


Enumerate any enterprise system/network and identify any misconfigurations or local vulnerabilities. Using any Vulnerability Assessment System (VAS) tools, Submit a thorough technical report, with demonstrable potential risk of any latent vulnerabilities, and make recommendations for countermeasures.

Cyber-Security contains numerous methodologies for Penetration Testing. A typical standard model has some seven (7) phases or steps often used by ethical hackers. You have recently been appointed the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of your organization; use any of the enumeration techniques for intelligence gathering, aimed at in-depth security defense for network exploration and/or network inventory.

[NB: these penetration testing phases or steps are not necessarily followed in the same order; there may be some variations. You can find a web-based resource of free tools at or ]

You and your Team are to employ Open Source Security tools, such as Nmap, WireShark, OpenVAS, etc. to carry out a Vulnerability Assessment of any network of your choice (i.e. representing the network of your organization).

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