You’ll undertake a project focused on understanding and supporting entrepreneurial action in practice. This could be an applied/engaged research project, an enterprise consultancy project which addresses an opportunity or challenge faced by an entrepreneurial organisation or researching and developing a new business proposition or idea. This project needs to provide the opportunity to understand, and manage how to move from opportunity to idea to action and could relate to your study or employability interests and/or current interests within the entrepreneurial management field.
You’ll work on key concepts/frameworks and issues within entrepreneurial management to stimulate thinking around trends and drivers creating opportunities for entrepreneurial management, as well as researching entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurial action.
In undertaking the project, you’ll develop the case for why your chosen opportunity or idea is worthy of consideration as a project, particularly in terms of its value to the appropriate community of practice, develop a project plan, acquire the appropriate resources and internal and external support to develop and deliver the project, manage the project in terms of moving from idea to action and reflect on the development of the project against key themes related to being enterprising, the role of the individual in moving an idea from concept to action; and the influence of the entrepreneurial task environment.

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