Read pages 324 through 328 of our text where Tubbs discusses the desirability and undesirability of conflict. After reading the passage, choose one of the following scripture that identifies a conflictual situation: Mark 2:1-12, Mark 2: 13-17, or Acts 15: 1-22.

Address the following questions in light of the scripture passage you have chosen. The terms used in the questions are addressed in the textual reading.

Is the incompatible action intrapersonal, intragroup, or intergroup?
What is the source of the conflict?
Is there a conflict of ideas or a conflict of feelings or both?
What early intervention could have been proposed?
Was there a common norm shared by those with different views?
Was the conflict outcome desirable or undesirable?
What Bible verse or biblical principle can we apply to conflict in our personal life?

Write your answers in a narrative form using APA as needed.

Your grade will be determined according to the Conflict Management Scripture in Rubric.

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