in this you will watch two videos, read and try to make connection between them and an example in real life. module, you will write and submit 500-word application paper. Your paper should include a real-world example (this example can come from current events, a book you read, something you learned from a different class, a behavior you observed on TV or in real life, a historical event – literally anywhere) and should clearly exemplify the lesson from the module (e.g., Humans are social animals, Humans are lazy thinkers, etc.).

The goal of the assignment is to get you thinking about how social psychology touches on real life, or at least, life outside this class.

To be successful on the assignment:

Take care to find an example that clearly demonstrates the principle – better to find a good example that actually works than to try to force the lesson onto a bad example
Provide enough detail and don’t assume I know about the example you choose. I have two kids and an active program of research. I don’t watch a lot of TV. I don’t really even know what TikTok is or how to use my phone very well. If your paper uses an example that I might not be aware of, give me enough background information to set the stage for your application paper.

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