I have submitted the rubric alongside the instructions for this paper. Please use and follow the template that I have linked as well.

This paper is about how social media affects teens negatively.

“Please follow these directions carefully as you hand in the final draft of the research paper:

– Copy and paste the rubric
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to the end of your final draft.

– Hand in the final draft to this page AND share the final draft with Mr. Schebel (even if you’ve shared it before).

Make sure that you have the following in your final draft. Go through this checklist one item at a time before you hand it in.

1) Make sure that you have handed and shared a rough draft with Mr. Schebel. You must receive feedback and do revisions before you hand in a final draft. Use the revisions checklist
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and the formatting and editing checklist.
(Links to an external site.)

2) Have a completed abstract.
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3) Make sure your Table of Contents is correct.

4) Do you have at least one paragraph for each of the following in your Problem and Significance section? Each paragraph should use the TICA method
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– A paragraph describing the problem

– A paragraph using statistics, facts, etc. that establishes that the problem exists

– A paragraph describing the effects of the problem

– A paragraph describing the causes of the problem

– A paragraph describing the current solutions to the problem and why they are insufficient

5) Make sure you have a Solution statement
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that does the following:

– Describes the problem (1-2 sentences)

– Gives an agent of action that is an organized body of people (such as teachers, schools, the U.S. Congress, the State of Iowa, etc). Your solution should not be a group of people who can’t be regulated (parents, students, etc.)

– Describes a specific solution (2-3 sentences)

– Describes the benefits of the solution (1-3 sentences)

6) Make sure you have a Support section that does the following. Each paragraph should follow the TICA format
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and have quotations and paraphrasing, properly cited.

– Has a paragraph that describes a specific set of steps for a specific plan carried out by a specific agent of action.

– Has a paragraph describing the ways in which specific people would benefit from the plan

7) Make sure you have a Limitations and Obstacles section that goes over at least two limitations to your solution.

8) Make sure you have a Conclusion section that briefly recaps the problem, your proposal, first steps toward completing your proposal, and last thoughts.

9) Make sure you have a Works Cited section that does the following:

– Lists every source you used alphabetically, in MLA Works Cited formatting.
(Links to an external site.)

– EXACTLY matches your in-text citations. Every in-text citation
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should refer to your works cited, and every works cited entry should be in an in-text citation somewhere in your paper. Make certain these match up.

– Remember that many scholarly journals have page numbers. List them in your works cited and include them in your in-text citations.

– Make sure each entry is double-spaced and using hanging indents.

– You should have eight works cited entries, the majority of which should be from scholarly sources.

10) Make sure you have an annotated bibliography
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for each works cited.

Common Mistakes to Look For:

– Did you cite everything
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correctly? Did you format your citations correctly?

– Does your works cited exactly match all of your in-text citations? Each in-text citation should be in your works cited, and each works cited should be in an in-text citation.

– Did you proofread for grammar and spelling?

– Do you use active verbs most of the time instead of to-be verbs (is, was, are, were, be, being, been)?”

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