This week is all about beauty standards, how we embody those standards, and how they are informed by larger systems like patriarchy, class inequality, and racism. After looking through the materials for the week, answer one (or more) of the following questions. You may draw on any of the videos, readings, or vocab words, as well as your personal experience to answer this question.

How do beauty standards impact identities or groups of people differently?
For example, how are men and women impacted by beauty and body standards differently? How do beauty standards impact women of color and white women differently? (etc.)
How does “My Life as a Public Health Crisis” demonstrate that weight and class are connected?
hooks describes hair pressing as an “initiation into womanhood” for young black women. What other ‘rituals’ can you think of that serve as initiation into your gender? How are these rituals racialized or how is race made to be invisible in these ‘rituals’?
What does hooks mean by discussing straightened hair as a “survival strategy” for Black women?
How does “The Bizarre and Racist History of the BMI” demonstrate that fatphobia and racism are interconnected?

My Life as a Public Health Crisis

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