Thesis statement [Your thesis statement should be 1‐3 sentences long, and present a single, succinct and well‐defined idea.] it will be persuasive by nature. This means that your thesis statement will be arguable, and you will spend the rest of your paper supporting the claim you have laid out. The thesis statement will then guide the research that you include in the body of your paper.

10 published sources required

10,000 words

Page numbers bottom right corner


include Data (graphs)

Thesis paper on a metaphysical topic: How the unified field and quantum physics relates to consciousness and spirituality. How we reach Higher realms and higher states of consciousness with Meditation.

Paper outline must be:

Table of Contents
Chapter 1:Introduction
Chapter 2:Review of Literature
Chapter 3:Research Methods or Personal Relevance

Chapter 4:Findings

Chapter 5: Discussion
Chapter 6: Conclusion

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