The proposal and annotated bibliography together should be about 2-3 pages.

Part I.

Your rough draft introduction with a clear thesis.

Parts II-IV:

A list of three or more body paragraphs with transition sentences. This is just an outline of three or more body paragraphs. This is just an outline, but it should be written in full sentences, and in short paragraphs.

For example:

1. Discuss the movement.

2. Explain teachings.

3. Describe what is meant by the term New Religious Movements or Cults in the context of your topic

4. Discuss the roles of “brainwashing” and the characteristics of the “charismatic leader” in New Religious Movements and a Cult formation and religious conversion

4. Why this NRM or cult is important

5. Current social or political controversies

6. Its impact on society

The next paragraph will outline like above and so forth.

5. A rough draft of a conclusion

6. Works Cited of at least three reliable/scholarly resources

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