A core component of a well-functioning democratic society is having leaders who will be bound by ethical decision making. Your task for this paper is to evaluate and discuss Texas’ decision not to have a state income tax. Not having one has obvious benefits, but it can also create problems, such as a greater burden on local governments and a wider discrepancy in public-school funding.

Within your paper—and keeping in mind and evaluating the ethical merits of this decision—you should address the arguments in support of—and opposition to—this decision. What evidence is there that lends credence to each side of the argument? Finally, this decision has political implications. What were those implications, and how do those realities enhance your understanding of how politics works? You must draw a conclusion and justify your position.

Paper Guidelines

-Minimum of 1,000 words (the words in your title and references page DO NOT COUNT);

For every word under 1,000, I will grade your paper, and then I will deduct points based on how many words under 1,000 it is. Here is the guideline:

950-999 words: -10 points

900-949 words: -20 points

850-899 words: -30 points

800-849 words: -40 points

750-799 words: -50 points

700-749 words: -60 points

650-699 words: -70 points

600-649 words: -80 points

Anything below 600 words is a zero.

-Minimum of 3 sources

-Use the APA style of formatting

-Paper must be typed

-Late papers are deducted 20 points per day.

-Remember to cite your sources in the body of your paper. It is not enough to just list your sources at the end of your paper—that is plagiarism.

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