Define your topic (i.e. “This paper will explore….”) and provide general/historical background on the issue
2. Identify why your topic is important
3. Outline what others have found out about your topic (gathered from your academic articles). Particularly, what information do the authors provide about the social factor (s) that contribute to your chosen issue? Begin by formulating an open-ended research question about your topic.
For example:
Research Question: “What are the benefits of children’s recreational sports ”?
Answer: “Research shows that the recreational sports boosts positive socialization and increases academic performance”

4. Applying theory: Analyze your issue using one of the four theoretical perspectives (functionalist, conflict, symbolic, feminist or critical race).
5. Provide a critical analysis: what is your own evaluation on the information you have gathered?

– Stay on topic and fully address your question.
– You must use peer-reviewed journal articles as your sources; failure to do so will significantly lower your grade.
– You must use and incorporate one of the major theories discussed in class.
– Format your citations and bibliography using APA style (do not use quotations excessively).
– The bibliography does not count toward the page requirement!
– You need a cover page for the paper; the format or images are not of importance, just include your name, class and section.
– Please proofread your paper.

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