Anybody who has ever been hurt by an unkind word can attest to the power of language. It can be a tool or a weapon, both of which require care and understanding. In communication the concept of “inclusive language” is key to effective interpersonal communication. Using inclusive language can be defined as avoiding “language that would universalize one element of humanity to the exclusions of others” (Nowacek, 2018). In other words, using (or not using) inclusive language has a power of its own.

In this assignment you analyze how culture influences people’s use of language and their choice of words, To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the Learning Resources for this week, particularly the chapter on the functions of language.

University of Minnesota. (n.d.-b). 3.2 Functions of language. In Communication in the real world: An introduction to communication studies.

University of Minnesota. (n.d.-a). 3.1 Language and meaning. In Communication in the real world: An introduction to communication studies.

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper in which you:

Briefly describe an interaction you observed or in which you participated where language was used in an exclusive way that 1) labels others or expresses unsupportive messages; 2) demonstrates clear, cultural bias related to race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or ability through language; AND/OR 3) expresses a lack of inclusive language.

Reflect on how the interaction seemed to affect the relationship between the communicators.

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