For this extra credit opportunity, I want you to read and respond using the critical thinking skills and anthropology concepts that we have developed in the course.


I want you to read through the following 3 articles:

Bourgois 1989.pdf
Holden 1989.pdf
Borgois 2002.pdf


Then in 1-2 double spaced pages (that should be around 500 words) I want you to respond to some combination of the questions listed below. You MUST USE AT LEAST 2 AND NO MORE THAN 4.

Try to take your response beyond a simple repetition of items from the texts and try and link the readings together around concepts we have discussed so far in the course. Your grade will be based on how much detail and evidence you use to support your analysis. Be as detailed as possible and don’t be afraid to present your own interpretations or opinions!

Interpretative Questions

Why did Bourgois (1989) seek to do this particular study? How did he do it? (Holden 1989)
Does Bourgois feel that he is working with a separate culture or a “sub-culture” within a larger cultural grouping? Identify the groups you feel are described in the ethnographic examples.
What is Bourgois referring to when he brings up “resistance”? What are some other examples (perhaps less extreme) of cultural resistance? Why might an individual or group of individuals identify with “resistance”?
What are some of the reasons individuals chose to seek employment in the illegal drug economy rather than the traditional legal market place?
Etic and Emic analysis of either cultural behavior(s) or cultural knowledge – specific if possible
Is there any precedent for this (selecting an illegal lifestyle over legal alternatives)? Any analogous situations you can think of?
Does the “resisted” culture contribute to the situation in any ways, either positive or negative?
What are some of the methods that researchers have used to get solid ethnographic info?
Practical outcomes of the anthropological research? How should this type of work be supported and funded?

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