Take two auto insurance companies and two life insurance companies, take quotes from them, and write a comparison.


Property-Casualty insurance on your automobile, RV, or Home is an important part of prudent financial planning as losses due to fire, theft, natural disaster, etc. may inflict catastrophic losses to your financial plan! Also, life insurance and disability insurance protect your survivors and you against premature death and injury and the associated loss of income that results.

1. Comparison shop property & casualty insurance for your auto, home, apartment, RV, etc. from at least two potential insurers. Report your findings including premiums, coverage, exclusions, etc. Comment on your research and findings and on the importance of adequate P&C insurance.

2. Shop life or disability insurance from at least two companies. Online resources such as or may provide you with relevant quotes and valuable information. Decide if term or whole-Life is appropriate for you and why. Report on premiums, coverage, riders, exclusions, etc. Reflect and comment on the benefits of having Life and/or Disability insurance.

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