An ‘A’ Essay:

*Demonstrates creative thinking rather than reliance on a predictable, formulaic style-the writer has gone beyond the scope of the assignment and has made it his/her own in some way * Shows insight/complexity- the writer has discovered something through the act of writing * Offers analysis * Has a clear, controlling idea that is sophisticated in both statement and insight * Entices the reader with an introduction that makes the reader want to keep reading * Is titled thoughtfully * Includes well-chosen examples *Notes, readings and classroom discussion handled well * Makes connections between ideas * Demonstrates particularly apt arrangement of well supported paragraphs * Shows substantial growth from the first to the final draft * Consists of meticulously crafted sentences * Keeps surplus words and filler to a minimum * Has a strong voice and tone-in other words, the personality screams “Read me!” * Contains very few errors in mechanics and usage

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