Develop an essay that discusses a subject of interest which also includes an argument on a controversial social issue. Voice is typically in third person and is an honest representation of what you learn. Your topic should be: controversial (at least two possible sides), arguable (not just a matter of taste or preference), and clearly defined (avoid “fuzzy” concepts like “freedom”, “morality”, etc.).

Be sure to set up the context of the issue (what it is, how it came to be, any laws that affect it at this present time). Also, be sure to present to opposing argument on this issue. This will assist in setting up context and will let your audience know that you have done thorough research on the topic. Finally, present your own position on this topic- which side you agree with. Be sure to make this very clear. The essay should not state the validity of both sides of the argument, but should discuss why one is right over the other side. You may also suggest changes to a current situation if it is appropriate to your topic. (Note: what you argue may not be what you actually personally believe. This assignment is an exercise in arguing a position, so for the sake of that argument, be sure to choose a side, whether or not you actually believe in that position.)

You must use between 5 and 6 sources, and you must also have a “Works Cited” page. The entire paper and Works Cited page must be adequately and appropriately documented in the MLA style. These sources are broken down as follows:

2 Books (print or e-book is fine. Books have authors, not editors. If there is an editor, chances are this is a collection of articles, not a book.)

2-3 Articles

1 Website (must be a website, not an article on a website)

We will discuss the difference between these types of sources, but if you have any questions, please be sure to ask me. The best solution would be to show me your sources at some point just to be sure that you have the right number from each category.

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