Bibliography and Sources
Bibliography and Sources
Source Requirements:
Minimum of 4 Sources
At least One scholarly source*
At least One source from a different perspective than the others.
For our purposes, a “scholarly source” is anything you find when you check “Peer Reviewed/Scholarly/academic/” when searching on our library’s web site OR that I agree is one (ahead of time.) Like most academics, I believe that, in general, scholarly sources are the best. My goal is to convince you (rather than just requiring you) to primarily rely on academic articles and books.
Different Perspective?
I encourage you to write an opinionated paper- but you need to back up your opinions with facts and logical argument. You don’t need to pretend to be “fair and balanced” but you do need to be familiar enough with opponent’s arguments to respond to them. If you’re arguing for gun control, you shouldn’t base your summary of the gun rights argument on a source hostile to them. (If you’re not sure what “the other side” of your issue is, discuss it with me.)
Bibliography: While APA is standard for citations in the social sciences, I’m much less interested in what style you use, than I am in your finding good sources, thinking critically about them, and knowing when to cite them.

You will do research on some topic related to State or Local politics in the US (not NECESSARILY focused on New York State) You will present this in the form of research paper (6-8 pages)

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