Your final paper should be 15-20 pages in length, including the bibliography (which should be no more than three pages in length). Your final paper should demonstrate your capacity to explore an issue, present alternative perspectives, make a well-reasoned argument, and arrive at a persuasive conclusion. It must be substantive, drawing on external research materials, and having a focused topic. The clarity of language and the smooth flow of ideas are important.
Include a bibliography with at least 20 sources (10 primary, 5 secondary, and 5 EBSCO)
Include at least 2 footnotes correctly formatted in MLA style.

This paper is for my senior capstone class where we can write about anything that relates to my major. I am majoring in digital audio technology so my paper could have anything to do with music and I chose to write about how the blues came about and the African American experience behind it.

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