The topic is: How can democratic legal systems evolve into authoritarian ideological institutions?
It must shows a very good overview and understanding of the topic. The discussion of the self-chosen issue is must be very thorough and well-founded. Literature and subject concepts are discussed and connected in an outstanding way with a very high degree of critical reflection. The presentation is clear, precise and well-structured.

The introduction must be of good background, purpose and outline.

show a great understanding of the relevant problem areas and includes all relevant parts of the syllabus., hves understood theories and concepts, and can discuss and use these with great independence. Separate examples are often included to illustrate how things work. The task is well connected and has a good flow.

1.5 line spacing

show high levels of knowledge, an exceptionally good overview of relevant literature (syllabus) and a very good understanding of sociological questions in the field.
Concepts, theories and empirical knowledge are used confidently and in an independent manner, which is reflected in the discussions required by the exam question and in the studies conducted for the home exam. The quality of discussion is carried by an analytical approach to the problem at hand. The reasoning is clear and well-argued. Correct referencing and use of sources.

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