Accessibility for All in eLearning
For some students with disabilities the online environment can provide equal opportunities that may not be available to them in face-to-face classrooms. However, instructional designers must keep accessibility at the forefront of the design process to ensure a course meets the needs of all its learners. Evaluate technology available for students with disabilities and how this affects their ability to be effective online learners as well as how it should influence the instructional design of eLearning environments.

To prepare:

1. Read Chapter 15 in Whiteside et al. (2017), the articles by Pearson et al. (2019), Burgstahler (2019), and Burgstahler (2017), and then review the online resource the “Center for Online Learning for Students With Disabilities” to gain an understanding of diversity through the lens of a person who has this assigned disability.

2. Write one page paper. The paper should be written in first person, as if you have the disability ( Severe hearing loss (70–89 dB HL). You will share with us what goes on behind the scenes of learning in an eLearning environment with “your” disability.

3. Respond as if you have Severe hearing loss (70–89 dB HL) a description of the accessibility issues you may have while navigating eLearning courses.

4. Then, describe the software and hardware you might use to help navigate websites and to communicate with others and explain whether these technologies aid in your effectiveness as an online learner.

5. Finally, still responding as if you have Severe hearing loss (70–89 dB HL), write a Discussion (Question) prompt to which your classmates can respond. Use any of the following prompts and edit it to relate specifically to the software/hardware and/or disability you are sharing:

Explain the challenges an instructional designer has when addressing the needs of students with Severe hearing loss (70–89 dB HL) in an eLearning course.

Explain what instructional designers can do in the design of their course in order to meet the needs of a student with Severe hearing loss (70–89 dB HL).

Explain what instructors can do during the course to meet the needs of a student with Severe hearing loss (70–89 dB HL).

Include the reasons accessibility issues are not consistently addressed in eLearning environments about Severe hearing loss (70–89 dB HL)

6. Use at least four references in APA 7 style from the last 5 years


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