1. Discuss the function/s and structures of the following body system.
Cardiovascular system

Include in your essay at least 5 different types of structures that contribute to the different functions that you choose. Discuss the specific anatomical characteristics of the chosen structures and explain *HOW they contribute to the overall function.

2. HOMEOSTATIC REGULATION: Choose 3 different parameters and describe the negative feedback loop (NFL) for each one, including the type of message and the final effect that occurs at the target cell.
The information for this is in your course notes (pgs. 22, 28, 37-39). You must describe the parameter and the change that occurs (increases or decrease) to cause it to be out of balance. Also describe the NFL (sensor, integrator and effector) as well as the type of message used in the NFL. Be sure to also explain the final specific response of the target cells that occurs and brings the body back into homeostasis for that parameter.
(*You must do at least one from each type of message and the third will be either one)

3. LIST all of the blood vessels & types of blood vessels (including arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules and veins), heart chambers & heart valves in the order that a drop of blood would flow through the heart and pulmonary circuit, starting with the superior and inferior vena cava and ending with the drop of blood leaving the heart and going to the body tissues of the systemic circuit.

(*Do this as a numbered LIST, not an essay, starting with
1. Superior and Inferior vena cava and coronary sinus
2. ____________
3. ____________
4. ____________
until you reach where the drop of blood leaves the heart and is on its way to the body tissues of the systemic circuit.

Remember to: LIST ALL of the specific named blood vessels and the names of any types of blood vessels in the correct order that the drop of blood would flow through them. Be sure to include all valves of the heart.

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