Discuss an article that answers “What challenges face the next generation in terms of our innate and adaptive immunity”

Rubric Detail

~~Criteria Mention 2 Specific Points Relate new info to old info Personal Experience Critical Level Length
~~Mentions at least 2 specific points from the article or reading. This is not a copy & paste, but what 2 points did you think the author was trying to make or that you found interesting.
~~Relation of new information learned in the article to old information learned in the course to date. You are to relate what you have learned in class to the points described in your discussion. This needs to specific to our class and the article.
~~Relation of information in article or reading to personal experience. If does not relate then state so.
~~Discussion at a critical level, not just recitation of facts from the article. DO NOT COPY & PASTE. Explain the Science as you understand it.
~~Length of posting, at least 1 word processing page. Times New Roman 12pt font, single spaced.
~~*State that you put your article through the CRAP test and how it met each criteria. Does your article meet the “CRAP” test? is it Current (when was it published), Reliable (where was it published), authoritative (who is the author and how are they authoritative), and what is the purpose (such as to educate, sell or promote)? You need to address all aspects of the CRAP test. State how you put the article through the CRAP test and not simply that it is a Peer reviewed article. Provide a link to your article.

Statement concerning your thought process in choosing your article.

Statement concerning the validity of the article chosen.

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