Explain the possible impacts of legalization on the market for currently illicit drugs. In your discussion, address the potential increase or decrease in prices. how demand will be affected and other possible social costs / benefits.

2How would you explain the difference in the issues addressed in the “Pleasure Domes of Xanadu” and the “Poverty, Potions and Poppy Heads”, two documents?.How do the issues addressed in “Poverty, Potions and Poppy Heads ” and opium use in China justify laws to limit the use of opium in the countries affected? How are they similar to the justifications for the War on Drugs in the USA? Please be sure to identify the countries affected!!

3.Which countries are referred to as Andean ? Identify two Pre -European civilizations where coca leaves were cultivated and used. Describe how the Andeans and other Pre -European civilizations of the Americas claim that they discovered Coca leaves . Describe how Pre -European civilizations of the Americas used coca leaves and contrast how European colonizers used coca leaves after they conquered the Americas.

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