Write an essay that explores the politics of religion in any one country in modern South Asia. For whichever country you choose:
– Discuss how the issue changes (or remains constant) across three eras: the colonial, the early postcolonial, and the contemporary. Your analysis should start no later than the nineteenth century, and can end in the late twentieth or early twenty-first century.
– Your essay should discuss different aspects of the politics of religion such as the role of media, democratic systems, the relationship to gender, the role of violence etc. Raise at least two issues that you explore in depth, and no more than four.
You may include comparisons to other countries if it strengthens your argument – but remember to keep your focus on one country.
– Please confine your sources principally to course material. You may use outside sources if you choose to – but read them critically and cite them appropriately. (I will provide you with a google drive link for all references)
– Organize your essay with a clear introduction stating your thesis and a clear conclusion. Ideally structure the body also, for clarity, either thematically or chronologically

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