GUIDELINES Open a Word document. Make a cover page with your name-surname, school number, title of the paper, department, university, date. In the next page, write your answer with a title in 3 pages with in-text citation (give reference to the sources used in the paper within the text) to the sources used to write the answer. Citation should be APA (Surname of Author, Publication Year, p. ? OR pp. ?-?) In the last page, write full information of the sources you cited in the paper under the title BIBLIOGRAPHY using APA. Convert/save your Word document (1 cover page, 3 pages of answer, 1 page of BIBLIOGRAPHY in a single word document) as PDF document and upload it to UBIS HOMEWORK section, and click TESLIM ET (DELIVER) button. STYLE: 1 cover page, 3 answer pages, 1 Bibliography page Use Times New Roman, 12, black ink, normal font, aligned to both sides, 1 between lines. GRADING: Use of knowledge/correct answer (50 points) Citation (20 points) Bibliography (20 points) Style (10 points) For further info on APA style, please check Cheating/plagiarism in assignment and exams is strictly forbidden, if detected, an automatic “F” will be given

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