The questions for your HSS 353 Research Synthesis Paper are the following:

What kind of problems do women encounter who challenge the gender expectations of their societies, either through their everyday behavior, or through their feminist attitudes and activism? And why is it often other women who oppose such efforts to struggle for a better life for women?

For your answers, please try to compare and synthesize information from the three articles on this subject that I gave you under the title “Gendered Identities” on Blackboard. These are the texts by Deniz Kandiyoti, Amalia Sa’ar, and Uma Narayan. You can of course also include other sources that you are familiar with and that help you find answers to these questions.

Your paper should be about 4-5 pages long. It must have in-text-citation and a bibliography with all the sources you have used.


You will be graded according to the following criteria:

How well do you answer the main questions?
How well do you synthesize information from these three articles? (for example: Do you point out similarities and/or differences between the authors’ main arguments? Are you able to summarize shared views? Are you able to use ethnographic data from different sources to provide evidence for an argument? Do you highlight additional insights by one author that the others might not have included in their texts?)
How well is your paper organized? Does it have introduction, main body and conclusion? Is there a logical structure to your essay, a certain “flow” that makes it easy to understand your arguments?
Language usage and correctness.

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