My tutor has left me corrections to do to my paper. Complete these corrections to this paper:
• Introduction is missing a few pieces. You describe where your strategy came from sort of, but you didn’t describe what your original strategy was in regard to choosing your specific stocks and the strengths that you saw when you did so. You also need to highlight any areas you avoided. Add in more business related details. I would also suggest making it less personal. It needs to be more like a business proposal not your opinion. You can keep the stuff about Warren in there but just make it less about you. Make sure this section is at least 1 page.

• Stock Portfolio section looks good. Only suggestion is to change the first 5 to five.

• Prospectus: You put a lot of details in this section, which is great, just make sure you have suggested what should be done with your stock portfolio going forward, included examples and made note of the considerations regarding the performance of the stock in the future and when you think the Please consider which stock you believe will perform in the future and which you believe should be sold and when.

• Reflection: I would suggest taking a look at the syllabus again and making sure you answer the specific questions clearly. I think some of the answers are in your reflection, but not enough. Make it clear.

• Were you surprised by how your portfolio performed?

• What factors impacted your initial stock selection, and how would the knowledge you have gained in this course have affected the selection if you had it to do all over again?

• How did your perception of the state of the current economy affect your stock selection, and how would it have differed if the market were trending in the inverse direction?

• What market indicators did you find to be the most informative and why?

• Do you believe that deep research or intuition is a more important asset?

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