TOPIC: Refusal of Treatment

(theses are some ethical situations I would probably include in my paper; parents who refuse to get their children vaccinated; terminally ill cancer patients who refuse chemo and or radiation; or patients on life support should the family go against the doctors suggestions of a DNR order if there is no evidence of life without life support/ should the family follow the doctors recommendations . Also I would love the paper to include the 4 principles of ethics and ethical health care models and how they apply to the ethical issues included in the essay. )

Ethics refers to what is morally right or wrong; a standard of how one should behave. Morals are beliefs of what is correct and not correct based on our family, religion, and society influences. Although ethics are personal, they are also decided upon by professional or governmental organizations. Ethics can also be called “Shades of Gray” because there are often times when there is no clear right or wrong choice.

For your project, you need to pick a healthcare-related ethical issue that interests you; research both sides of the issue, form your own opinion about the issue and present it to the class. Your paper must meet the following requirements:

Select a topic. (Suggestions include Euthanasia for the terminally ill. Treatment for patients with a poor prognosis–should insurance and/or hospitals pay? Should individuals with a known genetic disorder or trait have children? Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering Stem cell research.)

The topic must be approved by the instructor and 100 points will be awarded for the following content 10 points each:

1) Introduce and outline your ethical issue, why is it an ethical issue
2) One side of the issue
3) The other side of the issue
4) Your opinion of the issue (concluding paragraph)
5) Include at least one of the following: (picture, diagram, figure, table, or chart).
6) The final document should in APAformat (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
7) Minimum of 8 pages in length total (including the title page and bibliography),
8) Typed double spaced
9) No larger than a 12 font
10)You must use and cite at least 5 documented sources (minimum of 2 referred journals or book references and only 3 can come from quality internet references.)

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