Advice on carrying out research:
1. Good research always begins with reading and becoming thoroughly familiar with the primary source. You must read the actual text of your selected author and really struggle to understand what is being said. As you read, take notes, highlight key ideas, and jot down some of your own questions. Also, consult encyclopedias, youtube videos and general overviews in order to familiarize yourself with your theologian and primary source.
2. Narrow your topic! The hardest thing to do in research is narrow down a topic. Again, I have assisted you in some of this by categorizing the secondary research articles into areas related to the issues of Christology. Keep in mind that your paper needs to fits with the content of the course, such that it is related to how the theologian you are reading addressed the question of who is Jesus and what did he do that brought about salvation.
3. Take some time to survey the secondary research articles. This means actually sitting down and glancing through each one before you read it. What you want to do is ask yourself if there is anything in the research article that might connect to your research topic. If there is not, then do not waste your time reading it. Of course, this process depends on determining what your narrow research topic is first. Allow me to give you a few suggestions of possible topics:
A. How does your theologian use quotes from the bible? Does the theologian prefer a certain gospel or New Testament writer (Paul the Apostle, for example)? What writings of the Old Testament does the theologian use?
B. What imagery or analogies does the theologian use to explain who Jesus is and what Jesus does? For example, does he portray Jesus as a healer or physician, does he suggest Jesus is a warrior king who liberates people from slavery, does he propose that Jesus is a payment for a debt incurred for sin?
C. Select a particular theme related to Christology; some examples: why Jesus must be human; why Jesus must be divine/God; why Jesus was born to a virgin; why Jesus was crucified/died; why Jesus was resurrected; the role of sin in Christology; the role of the devil/Satan in Christology; why Jesus is the Son of God or Word of God; what is the meaning of salvation/redemption?

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