Please use information from the Power Points slides, as well as the textbook, to answer these questions. Responses should be anywhere from 1-2 paragraphs for each question.

Please provide a response to 2 of the critical thinking questions for this chapter. Label your answers clearly (i.e., which question you are responding to).

1. Suppose that a man is having trouble with premature ejaculation. Describe how his problem might manifest itself if it was classified in each of the following ways: (a) primary, global, total; (b) secondary, situational, partial; (c) secondary, global, partial; (d) primary, situational, total.

2. A couple who have been in an intimate relationship for two years are not feeling much sexual desire for each other any more. Discuss at least three ways in which improved communication between them might help them overcome their HSD.

3. Explain why a man with erection problems and a woman with arousal difficulties are both able to become very excited (he has firm long-lasting erections and she easily becomes aroused and lubricated) during sensate focus exercises but not during lovemaking.

4. Do you think a couple could have a satisfying sexual relationship without ever having sexual intercourse? Explain your answer.

5. Other than hypoactive sexual desire, which sexual problem do you think would be most difficult to solve? Explain your answer.

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