Social Sciences Learning Outcome: Students will identify and analyze a current social and/or political issue at the local, national, and global levels.

Assignment Requirements:

#1. Discuss the difference between effective leadership and ineffective leadership.

#2. Provide examples of effective leaders and ineffective leaders in your community or the major city in your state. These leaders can be anyone in public office, individuals in business, education, or any type of organization or institution. You can focus on Boston or another major city. You can give examples of effect and ineffective leadership on a sports team in high school or effective and ineffective leadership in your high school faculty, staff, or administration. Explain.

#3. Identify individuals who are in leadership roles who can make an impact for our entire country. How can these individuals impact people or the decision making process of other countries as well? Can you justify why these individuals are leaders? Are these individuals effective leaders or ineffective leaders? Explain.

#4. If your discussion in the previous answer was exclusively on an “effective leader” please describe someone in a leadership role that you would describe as an “ineffective leader.” What makes this individual an “ineffective leader?” Explain and give examples.

#5. Having identified various ineffective leaders, you are then required to identify and analyze the factors that contribute to irresponsible decision-making by businesses leaders (or political leaders). You should not simply list factors. You should also identify and analyze the effects (consequences) of ineffective leadership and reflect on how leadership can be improved. This analysis should be conducted at the local, national, and global levels.

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