Choosing a community familiar to you, explore the community capitals and factors of resiliency and how well these factors support the community in times of challenge and crisis.

Choose a community and conduct a community capitals and resiliency analysis. In your paper, please:

Provide an overview of the community capitals framework and factors of resiliency. Of the fifteen factors of resiliency, explore at least 6. Describe the value of using community capitals and resiliency frameworks to explore sustainable community development. (2 pages)

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each community capital with respect to the community you are exploring. Highlight/describe 6 factors of resiliency that are most prevalent in the community. What areas might have the least resilience? Describe at least 2. (4 pages)

To what extent did the community capitals and factors of resiliency support your community’s response to COVID-19? (1 page)

Provide another example of how the community capitals and factors of resiliency might support your community. This could be in response to climate change, economic, environmental, or social challenges. (1 page)

Identify at least 4 lessons learned/takeaways from your analysis of the capitals and resiliency factors. What did you learn from your exploration? Each lesson should be described in a full paragraph.

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