Research one of the inventions of the Industrial Revolution.  For our purposes, it should have been invented between 1850 and 1915. What was the invention?  What problem did it solve/make easier?  Who invented it? How did they come up with the idea?  What was their process to develop it?  How successful was it during the Industrial Revolution?  What was its effect on society?  How is it still affecting society today?  Explain.

Your own invention–what is a current problem that can be solved or a way to make something easier to do–what is something that is difficult or could benefit from being easier or streamlined?  How will your invention do that?  You don’t have to know exactly mechanically how it would work, but it should be possible for someone with the know how to do (i.e. its ability to work should not be based on magic)

Type up your findings and ideas into a one-page informative essay.

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