assignment is to use the prompts below to write about the Ellington at Newport album (mp3s of the album are in this module). Instrumentation for the record is 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxophones, piano, bass, and drums.
Write a summary in complete sentences and paragraphs describing the recording. Your summary should consist of the following:
A brief description of the recording, including the date it was recorded as well as the place it was recorded.
Write about the instrumentation of the group. How is it different than other music we’ve listened to in this class?
Your answers to the following questions, about the concert in general:
What did you hear that you hadn’t heard before?
What are some of your favorite moments from this recording?
Did this remind you of any particular jazz eras? If so, which?
What did you think about the improvisations compared to the composed sections of the music?
Please write two or three adjectives that describe your perception about the character of the music. What aspects of the music affect your perception of the music’s character?
Did you like this recording? Why or why not (describe in detail what you like or dislike using musical terms from lectures)?
The assignment should be written in your best prose style in a Word document of no more than 500 words. Song titles should be in quotations. You do not need to cite any sources.

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