It is important to understand the resources available through organizations like the World Health Organization, CDC, and AHRG. Spend some time investigating web sites that provide and expedite evidence into health care guidelines protocols and policies. Would you use these kinds of guidelines in your practice from these sites and why?

Additionally, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, guidelines and protocols/policies were swiftly implemented –  there are other guidelines and protocols/policies implemented – complete an online search.

Select/describe one guideline or protocol/policy (see below list) then write your perspective on i.e., its effectiveness; overreaching, etc.

1-provider and patient interactions/restrictions (see Reducing the Risk of Diagnostic Error in the COVID-19 Era.
2-health care systems and government response i.e., PPEs (complete an online search)
3-social distancing policies re: freedoms, economy versus health (complete an online search)
4-diagnostic errors and recommendations.

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