In this proposal, I want it to be 100 words, not more or less. My topic is about: Creating green transport solutions to achieve Qatar Vision 2030. I have 3 resources on my topic.


Professor instructions (Professional Writing Course):

The proposal for this project will outline the scope and purpose of your report. After reading your
proposal, at a minimum your audience should have a clear understanding of:

 What your report will cover and why
 What information it may include and why
 How you will convey that information
 Your goals for the project
 How your group will divide the work and accomplish its goals
 What additional research you need to do
 Potential issues you foresee

Most importantly, your proposal must address why your topic is relevant and important (and provide evidence to support that claim).
In order for this proposal to be effective, before writing, you will need to spend time reflecting on your audience for the report. That is, think about what your readers already know about QNV 2030, what they need to know, and how they might use that information to take action. This applies for both the web content writing team, as well as the end readers:
What do readers already know?
Why are they interested in QNV 2030?
Where are they reading from (geographically)?
What tasks will they accomplish after reading?

Additionally, your proposal must include a tentative title for your report.
The proposal for your group’s report will be formal. Your proposal must demonstrate a clear understanding of document design principles (e.g., CRAP, organizing for readers,
etc.) and appear as a professional business document. Make effective use of headings and subheadings, lists, visualizations, and other means of document design. Your proposal will be evaluated equally based on its written content and document design.

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