Basing your response on the model of Adas and Beckert, do a brief amount of research on one of the following technologies of the industrial revolutions: the steam engine, dynamite, the battery, the telephone, electricity, the steamship, concrete, the photograph, the typewriter, the railroad, or the gas lamp. Explain why and how you understand it to be a technology of colonialism, imperialism, or globalization. You should describe the technical aspects of the invention, why it was important, and how it brought about a certain element of colonialism, imperialism, or globalization.

Some aspects you might consider are:
– What was the effect of the widespread use of this technology on consumer habits and perceptions?
– How was this technology disseminated globally?
– Did its implementation require use of force, state intervention, or elements of conquest?
– What was its effect on the labor process?

In your response, you -must- use two quotes from the reading to draw a connection between the reading and your chosen technology (make sure you list the author and page number). You must also include the citations (hyperlink or full proper citation) for any internet research you use.

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