Decision-Making Assignment

Please write a 2-3 page paper walking through the decision making steps for the situations below. You should use the decision-making module in the Irwin, Pannbacker, Powell, and Vekovius text. Please use the case studies in that chapter as a model. I have included specific questions; in addition to answering them, please also make sure to walk through the 6 steps and come to a conclusion about how you would proceed.

Situation 1: You and your friend from grad school both have the same little girl on your caseload. You see the child at her school, and your friend sees her in private practice. Everything had been going well, but a few weeks ago, you noticed that the client no longer seemed excited to come to therapy. You and your friend are at dinner one night, and she tells you that the little girl had been acting strangely, and she thinks she knows why. She then proceeds to share with you information about the child’s mother being diagnosed with a major illness. The mother had previously agreed that the two of you could discuss the child in the interest of making both therapies more effective. Is there an ethical violation here? If so, what is it? How would you handle it (e.g., work through the 6 steps)?

Situation 2: You are doing your CFY in a hospital setting, and it will be your first time doing an MBS (Modified Barium Swallow). Your supervisor is out sick the day of your first scheduled MBS, and she insists that it is fine for you to go ahead and do it yourself. Should you do it yourself, why or why not? Is this an ethical suggestion on her end, why or why not? How would you handle it (e.g., work through the 6 steps)?


Formatting (2)

Paper is 2-3 pages. (2)

Paper is less than half a page over requirement. (1)

Paper is between half a full page over the requirement (.5)

Paper is under requirement, or more than a page over. (0)

Grammar (2)

Paper is easy to read, and grammatical errors do not detract from, or make it difficult to follow, the main content of the paper. (2)

Grammatical errors require extra effort to understand the paper. (1)

Grammatical errors make it very difficult to understand the paper. Multiple re-readings are necessary. (0)

Decision Making Process (10)

Each step is addressed satisfactorily. Decisions are well explained and make sense. (10)

Most steps are addressed adequately. Decisions are explained and it is clear some thought went into them. (7.5)

Multiple steps are missing, and explanations are barren. It is not clear why decisions were made. (5)

The steps of the process are mentioned, but no details are provided. (2.5)

Ethical Decision (6)

Ethical choices are consistent with rules, laws, and codes we have learned. Violations are well explained. (6)

Rules, laws, and codes are mentioned, but violations are poorly explained or the wrong ones are included. (4)

An attempt at the rules, laws, and codes is attempted. All decisions are well supported, even if incorrect. (2)

Rules, laws, and codes are not addressed, or if addressed, are done so in a way that is incorrect or unclear. (0)



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