To gain a better understanding of the research that has been done in the field of Child and Youth Care, you will research three (3) academic articles on a topic related to your program.

Create the Reference entries for each article using APA 7 format. Be sure to pay attention to indents, spacing, alphabetization, and italics.

To demonstrate your understanding of the content, you will then write a one-paragraph summary of each article’s main points and key concepts beneath the reference. Be sure to accurately represent the article’s content, avoiding subjectivity, details, and retelling.

o Make sure your topic sentence for each paragraph indicates the author’s name and the article title.

o Make sure your concluding sentence for each paragraph explains how the article is linked to your topic. Example: This article is useful because it provides necessary context for understanding how homeless youth self-medicate.

These articles and summaries can then be used toward the development of your Comparison Chart and Literature Review assignments.

articles are on the topic of Mental health stigma on youth.

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