Program Design Concepts

Designing programs that perform system logic is challenging and varied. Analysts must define instructions for programs that describe how to covert the ideas depicted in logical models into actual code and programming logic. Structure charts are one technique that describes a program at a high level. This assessment asks you to explain key concepts associated with program design. Write a short essay response to each of the following questions.

Module Outcomes practiced in this assessment:

Revise logical data flow diagrams into physical data flow diagrams.
Describe features of structure charts.
Develop Program Specifications.

Assessment Requirements

Include a title page and reference page.
Written work is provided in Standard English.
Provide a header for each question and answer.
Each question should include at least one APA reference and inline citation.
At least 3 pages in length, not counting the title page and reference page.


What is the purpose of creating a logical process model and then a physical process model? How are they different? What information is found on the physical DFD that is not included on the logical DFD?
List the steps necessary transform logical models to physical models.
Define a structure chart and explain the importance of sequence, selection, and iteration.
Provide an example of a structure chart you have found online (citation necessary). Explain the purpose of this chart.
What does a data couple depict on a structure chart? What symbols are used to depict it? What does a control couple depict on a structure chart? What symbols are used to depict it?
List the seven types of coupling. Give an example of good coupling and an example of bad coupling.
What is meant by the characteristics of fan-in and fan-out?
Discuss three ways to improve the quality of a structure chart.

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