I am writing an introduction in my research paper and need some help in the second part of the intro. Just consider it as a short part of literature review.

This paper is about the role of disgust in decision making. In this part, I would like to write about general negative emotions, that most studies have focused on the emotion of anger, fear, and sadness that affect decisions, but not many are studying how disgust affects decisions.

Ahead of this section, I will briefly mention the appraisal tendency theory and that emotions carry inherent tendencies that affect information processing or decision making. So, in this section, I would like it to include HOW EMOTIONS CAN BE GENERALLY DISTINGUISHED BY THEIR VALENCE IN TWO; POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EMOTIONS / PEOPLE SUPPORTING A DISCRETE EMOTION SIDE ARGUE THAT DIFFERENT EMOTIONS ALSO CARRY DIFFERENT TENDENCIES OR FUNCTIONS / WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT NEGATIVE EMOTIONS (anger and fear maybe) AND WHAT DO THEY SHARE in common AND WHAT MAKES THEM DIFFERENT in terms of appraisal tendencies?

You can use this in the draft:

“In general, people who experience negative emotions show certain behavioral tendencies to either shift their attention away from the emotion-inducing object (Sandler, Tein, & West, 1994), or activate controls that force themselves to take certain action to ameliorate the negative situation (Eisenberg, Smith, & Spinrad, 2011).”

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