Performance Management is a fundamental process for most organizations that provides feedback

both at the organizational and individual level. In this paper, you will conduct research to examine

the performance management process within an organization and make recommendations to

improve the process.

1. Choose an organization on which to focus your paper (can be private, public, or not-for-profit).

Make connection with an HR professional (use the CPHR membership directory as a resource)

owner or a manager and find about the performance management process within the


Your primary research should document not only in the individual process of

managing performance within the organization, but how the information is aggregated to

understand the implications from a workforce planning perspective. What does the process

tell you about talent within the organization? This primary research needs to be documented

and should include a discussion on the effectiveness of the current process. This will be worth

one-half of the content grade for the paper. Note that a consent form from your contact must

be provided with the paper.

2. Research issues related to performance management using high-quality sources from

academic and professional publications to determine strategies and best practices for

addressing the performance management and workforce planning issues identified in your

interview. This component should include your recommendations on actions the organization

can take to enhance their performance management process and inform their workforce

Part 1 has been done


The quality of your research and your recommendations will be worth one-half of

the content grade for the paper. You are also encouraged to share your findings with the

person you interviewed. Your paper will also be assessed for business quality

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